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Scag V-Ride PromoIt’s Time to Take a Stand.

The V-Ride™ is an ultra compact, agile, comfortable and stable stand-on mowing machine. It combines the speed and comfort of a rider with the space-saving convenience of a walk-behind mower.

Despite its compact size, the V-Ride boasts many full-sized features like hydraulic oil coolers, dual hydraulic pump dual wheel motor drive system, coil-suspension platform, and a heavy-duty steel main frame. Pair a powerful Kawasaki FX, Kawasaki FS or Kohler EFI commercial-grade engine with a 36″ Advantage™ or a 48″, 52″ or 61″ Velocity Plus™ deck and you have an ideal combination of agility, power and performance.

With a low center-of-gravity and extra-large drive tires, stability is never compromised. The operator rides on a coil suspension platform which delivers bump soaking, back and knee saving travel. The operator comfort pad is adjustable to fit different operator sizes and riding styles.

This is truly the ultimate stand-on mower with excellent handling, stability and quality. No cut corners, no compromise, nothing but top quality construction and unmatched performance. Don’t take our word for it. Contact your local Scag dealer for a demonstration today and experience the Scag difference for yourself. Check out our social media page and our testimonials page to see what real Scag customers are saying about their Scag mowers.

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Low Stance for Excellent Handling

The V-Ride is incredibly stable and precise. Get in and out of tight spaces fast.

Coil-Suspension Operator Platform

Delivers an unmatched, ultra-comfortable ride. Tie-down points built in to quickly secure to a trailer.

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Cutter Deck Lift System

Cutter deck can be lifted and locked into transport lock from the operators position. Cutting heights are easily set by placing the tethered pin at the desired height.

Auxiliary Oil Coolers

Single piece oil cooler is actually two separate coolers, one for the left drive loop and one for the right drive loop. Cooler oil means hydro components last longer. (not on 36″ models)

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Velocity Plus Cutter Decks

52″, 61″ or 72″ Velocity Plus decks deliver an amazing quality of cut, and a wide, even discharge.

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Scag Cast Iron Spindles

Ultra-tough cast-iron housings, tapered roller bearings, top mounted grease fitting with a relief valve to prevent over greasing.

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Powerful PTO Clutch Brake

Ogura GT 3.5 PTO clutch brake offers excellent starting and stopping power for the cutter deck. Adjustable air-gap for long life.

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Large Padded Steering Controls

Easy to operate. Quick to maneuver. Large diameter helps to minimize fatigue.

Full-Featured Instrument Panel

Instrument panel features: Ignition switch, PTO switch, throttle control, choke control, and hour meter.

Powerful and Efficient Engine Options

Air-cooled electronic fuel injection (EFI) and carbureted models available.

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Thick Padded Operator Cushion

Extra thick for operator comfort. Edges extrude outward to help capture the operators mid-section for additional comfort.


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 February 22, 2017  Commercial Riding Mowers, Scag, Specials