Aug 082018

5 starGreat shop. Been a customer for years and they’ve been there a long time. They service equipment for a lot of professionals. So I know they are good. I can always get the parts I need. Fair prices. Helpful staff. They keep good records of your order history. So reordering parts in the future is easy. I rarely go anywhere else.

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 August 8, 2018  Testimonials
Jun 282018

5 star“Highly knowlegeable (much more so than another Stihl dealer near by), friendly and efficient!!”

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 June 28, 2018  Testimonials
Mar 202018

5 star“It’s a great place to do anything and everything is go above and beyond to satisfy you and meet your needs at a great price with OEM parts. Bill and Todd run that place like a Precision Factory. Especially Robert Clark he was very informative found every part I needed at the right price good for he can fix my mower tell me what’s wrong with it on the phone, and Which I found very helpful. Save me X money and bring it down there, when it was my error.”

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 March 20, 2018  Testimonials