Rev-Cut Mower Policies


Comment Policies

  • Comment spam have become such an administrative waste of time that comments have been permanently closed.
  • Please note that the appropriate place for inquiries is the email form on the Contact page.

Copyright Policies

  • All original content and/or text and graphics on Rev-Cut Mower are copyrighted, unless specifically noted otherwise.
  • Graphics, links, or functions from, or referring to other sites are the rightful material from those entities and will be removed if they request.
  • Material on this site may be printed for personal and educational use or quoted online as long as credit is given or a link back from other sites.
  • All Rights Reserved. Copying and dissemination is prohibited without permission of the copyright owners.
  • For more information see US Copyright Code.

Links Policies

  • The only new links accepted must be from sites with related content. The only exceptions will be our own affiliate or client sites.
  • Rev-Cut Mower is not interested in 3-way links.
  • The return link to our site must be on a page that can be accessed from the home page (though not necessarily on the home page) of the site linked back to Rev-Cut Mower.
  • Some particularly useful links from our site will be in the sidebar rather than the Links page.
  • The sidebar is advertising space which may be bid for. As such, links placed there freely may migrate to the Links page if space becomes a premium.

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